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Avi Klapfer is the Israeli co-founder of the Undersea Hunter Group – the preeminent Cocos Island liveaboard operator since 1990. Born and raised in the northern part of Israel, Klapfer completed his military service as a naval officer and took a job as a dive boat captain on the Red Sea. There, he fixed up a sailboat and navigated around the world with Orly, his soon-to-be-wife, and Yosy Naaman, who is now his business partner. To Klapfer, one of the most important elements in protecting Cocos Island is showing the world its novelty through photography and video. 


Genna Marie Davis is an American writer, photographer and an avid ocean lover based in Guanacaste, Costa Rica since 2008. She spent 2.5 years meticulously researching, interviewing and compiling this book (her favorite part was the pirate section). Genna spends half her time working as public relations/online marketing strategist for the Undersea Hunter Group, and the rest of her days shooting weddings and family photos at the beach in Tamarindo. Her photography can be seen at


Shmulik Blum is the chief pilot/operations manager for the DeepSee submersible. Since its inception at Cocos Island in 2006, he has collaborated with the sub’s manufacturer, SeaMagine, to establish a profound understanding of its systems. Blum joined this project after graduating with a computer sciences degree in Israel. In following his passion for both the ocean and high tech equipment, the DeepSee was a natural fit. He views the sub as a crucial tool for learning about the deepwater environment, and one that is essential to the conservation effort at Cocos Island.


Sean Davis is an American professional photographer living in Costa Rica. His photographs have appeared worldwide and been published by Time Magazine, Rolling Stone, Healthy Living, Petapixel, Condé Nast Traveler and The New York Times. Sean is experienced in a wide variety of photographic disciplines including architecture, food, aerials and travel photography. He loves to sleep, travel and stare at fish.


Ever since he was a child, Diego Mejias was drawn to any activity that would bring him closer to nature. Discovering his passion for scuba diving at age 20 was a pivotal point in his career, and from that moment on his life has revolved around the ocean. He was the first ever Costa Rican PADI course director and is now a freelance photographer, filmmaker, dive instructor and father of two based in Guanacaste.

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